Our Team


Jimmy Adams is an Ellendale Electric veteran that has worked for Ellendale for over 36 years. He is the residential division manager and estimator. He has many years of hands on experience 

Tommy Warren has over 35 years experience in the electrical fields, he is a master electrician that is currently a commercial estimator/ project manager.


Chris Edwards has 30 years experience with residential, commercial and industrial electrical. He handles all of the companies multi-family dwelling projects. He is currently a commercial project manager and estimator.

John Billett has been working for Ellendale since 1981 and has been an electrician since 1975. He is specially trained for residential and commercial electrical. He specializes in Ellendale's service department. 


Bill Mattingly is a veteran Low Voltage Technician he has over 26 years expertise in low voltage systems. He is currently the Security division manager and estimator for Ellendale Electric.


Brian Smith has over 21 years in the commercial and residential electrical. Currently he is a commercial project manager


The Ellendale Electric office staff is (left to Right) Linda Williams, Cindi Atkins, Anita Reedy, Julie Adams, Sharon Livingston They strive to continually provide great customer service.

Tim Ferrell is the commercial estimator and electrical designer for Ellendale Electric. He has years of experience in electrical engineering and project negotiation. His focus is commercial retail, restaurant and office spaces. 

Rick Salinsky  has 24 years experience in the electrical field, starting out as a navy electrician, he has a master electrical license. He is the  commercial project superintendent.


Robert Foley has 20 years experience in some of the most complex commercial high/low voltage jobs. He is a commercial project manager.